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Hannigram - they look like a couple and nobody can convince me of the contrary XD (Ep. Sorbet)

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The 56th GIF in your folder is your college roommate.






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Fucking score, yo.

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In other news there was a fire scare in the apartment today. Again.

Luckily this time I wasn’t alone to deal with it.

Bad news, I’ve discovered EXACTLY how ruined my lungs are through being pushed up 17 flights of stairs.

And my fear of elevators and my claustrophobia (walked in the stairs because I couldn’t handle the thought of being in an elevator stuffed with 13 other people…no)

Apparently my mom has decided sock monkey = instant purchase. After watching a handful of Misha-centric things, she’s surprisingly MORE fond of him/not concerned for my mental health, and came to this conclusion.
Also, I am the image of a 10 year old boy.

Felt compelled to illustrate my eternal gpoy with everything Gabriel and RSJ-related.
He is so perfect that sometimes I just get angry.