Title: The Means for Our Own Destruction
Pairing: Sabriel, some background Destiel, and quite a few lesser touched upon pairings and flirtations. It’s college after all.
Fandom: Supernatural
Beta: None, really. Though many thanks go to getthesaltnburn and andlatitude for reading over and reviewing some parts. You guys gave me such encouragement and instilled within me the most drive to carry on during the crazy times.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine really though some of the attributed personality traits and character developments are my doing entirely. Basically, they all originated from somewhere else, I just molded them and warped them to suit my own needs for my amusement and, hopefully, yours.
Warning: This program contains scenes of nudity, sexuality, and coarse language, and also portrays scenes of a drug use, alcohol abuse, and violence. Viewer discretion is advised. Nothing much goes on in this chapter, hence the PG rating. It’s clean and wholesome unless you consider pie to be pornographic. If this is you, you may want to read at your own discretion.
Summary: Sam Winchester, with the aid of his brother and, grudgingly, his father, moves into his dorm at Kansas State University. As he prepares to adjust to what could be the biggest and best change in his life, Dean proves absolutely nothing has changed in his…yet.
Author’s Notes: I set up this story with little Easter eggs of sorts. Basically, bonus points to anyone who can pick up on references here as I think, as the story progresses, you’ll realize I’ve jammed them in en masse (but hopefully subtly enough that it doesn’t seem ridiculous - don’t worry, no dialogue that’s simply pages taken from the Back to the Future script or anything like that…) Not all chapters promise to be THIS long, but the only natural break seemed to be right here. Still, I have a feeling this story will be fairly lengthy as I don’t want to rush the progression of the relationships. Let’s keep it somewhat plausible, right?

I’m not 100% sure on the accuracy of the layouts of anything at KSU as I’ve never been and all my information is based on the websites and my own university experiences. I’ve never even been to Kansas.


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