Life is what you make of it
So I made mine a mess

Basically the internet blocks and the horrible Internet speed, the time difference and major phone costs are depressing me. When I DO have free time at 10pm I’m exhausted and it’s not a good time for anyone in Canada OR England to talk and even if it was I can’t get stable internet in my room…which is the only place I can talk after the kids are in bed.

And in my head I keep thinking that I am completely forgotten by those I love because I either get no replies to the only messages I CAN send or ones quite short and disinterested (lol guys at work thanks)

I just…fuck. I’m marking my life in failures rather than successes.

When you have access to people as an introvert you like frequent alone time because it’s relaxing and you have many options for human contact should you crave it. When you’re forcibly cut off being alone is awful. You have no options.


MBTI in Fiction: INFJs seek meaning and connection in ideas, relationships, and material possessions. They want to understand what motivates people and are insightful about others. INFJS develop a clear vision about how best to serve the common good, and are organized and decisive in implementing that vision. (x)


if you ever want to hear the gospel according to shrek, just open up your bible and read psalm


Victory is not as sweet as loss is sharp and agonising. We carry that momentary joy as a smile and a memory tucked away in the blurry corners of our minds, but the sting of failure settles in our blood and flows through us as an uncomfortable pulse, a physical throbbing ache to remind us always that there has been pain and will inevitably be more to come. Loss of our own doing stings, yes, but not nearly so much as loss at another’s hand lends a bone deep sort of pain that stays with you longer. Losing those you hold closest to you through things ultimately of your doing though mainly out of your control…well that hurts on so many levels that your ability to handle the realization that you’ve lost is nonexistent.


i hope betty white lives forever

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friendly reminder that this scene was improvised

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I just wanna s*** some d***




The best part about this is Joey walking in totally confused!

Oh Joey

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Just found root beer in China. Fuckyeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh

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